Piedmont Community Action is accepting applications for the following positions.


Culinary Technician

Responsible for the preparation of food and sanitation of kitchen Following DHEC and HHS guidelines for the Head Start center assigned.

Responsibilities include:

1. Make requests for food and supplies for the center food service program.

2. Receives and signs for all deliveries and keeps accurate records on invoices.

3. Maintains adequate inventory and proper storage of foods, nutrition supplies and


4. Prepares food according to menus, state and local codes, center schedules and number

of children and adults to be served.

5. Make menu substitutions when needed.

6. Serves meals according to time schedules.

7. Provides food for children with special needs as directed by supervisor of food services.


Minimum requirements – High school diploma or GED.


Family Service Advocate

The Family Service Advocate will work under the supervision of the Family/Community Partnership Manager. This candidate will provide comprehensive child development services for children and parents by implementing health and family service activities within the Head Start Division. These services will include securing routine health checks and any needed diagnostic documentation and treatment services; also, any activities related to outreach, recruitment, and enrollment of eligible children. This candidate will enhance awareness of community resources and assist families in their own efforts to improve their condition and quality of life through consultations, education, and referrals. All job duties and responsibilities must comply with the Federal Regulations and Piedmont Community Actions Policies and Procedures.


Must have an Associate degree and possess a willingness to continue education. Experience in Social Work, family services, or related field preferred. Candidate must have an ability and readiness to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License. Also, candidate is required to have data entry proficiency. This position mandates excellent communication skills with a diverse population and requires an exceptional ability to serve as an advocate for low-income families and children.


Head Start Teacher

Duties are to implement the education and early childhood development program as required by AFC in Head Start Centers as assigned by the Child Services Manager.

Responsibilities include:

1. Organize classroom space into function areas (interest centers) that are recognizable by the children.

2. Maintain a clean and healthy classroom environment.

3. Maintain a safe environment indoors/outdoors.

4. Keep classroom arranged in an orderly manner and materials readily accessible for the children.

5. Maintain a filing system and accurate record keeping with confidentiality.

6. Establish classroom rules with the teacher that is appropriate for the age level of the children and post them in the classroom.

7. Observation health/physical needs of the children upon arrival everyday and make referrals as needed for health and abuse problems.

8. Help to administer the Dial-3 to enrollees.

9. Make observations and take anecdotal notes based on the child’s needs.

10. Refer children with suspected developmental problems to the Disability/Mental Health Manager.

11. Plan daily activities jointly with teacher assistant to reflect the curriculum in different areas, individualized instructions and integration of other service areas which include eating with the children.

12. Complete lesson plan (group and individual) on a weekly basis.

13. Conducting developmentally and linguistically appropriate activities in accordance with the daily schedule/routine.


Requires a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood. Previous experience desired.


Head Start Teacher Assistant

Duties are to assist the teacher in daily responsibilities as listed above.


Requires an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood.


Early Head Start Teacher

The EHS teacher has primary responsibility for the appropriateness of the environment, the correctness and completeness of assessments, screenings, and children’s records and supervision of the EHS teacher assistant and/or caregiver.

Specific Duties:

The EHS teacher fulfills all duties and responsibilities as caregiver for children assigned to his/her caseload.

1. Supervises and implements all activities in the EHS environment.

2. Screens children using the designated screening assessment tools.

3. Plans, evaluates and individualizes designated curriculum.

4. Works with the EHS Manager to facilitate a smooth operation of the EHS program.

5. Shares responsibility for the professional development of the staff supervised

6. Collaborates with parents and other EHS personnel to ensure children and parents have access to community resources.\

7. Performs related duties as needed or assigned.

8. Must have the ability to communicate with a variety of people, work independently and maintain strict confidentiality of program data.

9. Must be cooperative and display a positive attitude toward others and work as a team with other staff members.

10. Must exercise discretion and sound judgment in the performance of assigned duties.

11. Must follow all PCA Head Start policies and procedures.

12. Must be willing to do other tasks related to working with infants and toddlers.


Requires a certificate in Infant/Toddler or an associate degree in Early Childhood. Previous experience desired.



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